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  • “I was like a clock that had exploded- my springs were hanging out, my hands were cockeyed, and my numbers were falling off.”

    - Anthony Kiedis, Scar Tissue
  • “You may delay, but time will not.”

    - Benjamin Franklin
  •     “Pereunt et Imputatur”.

    “Time passes and you must account for it”


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Posted in - Lantern clock
on June 13th 2016

Lantern clocks were the earliest domestic clocks available to the general public. This type of clock was a development from the earlier “chamber clocks”which were only affordable by  the “ruling class” of society.

Lantern clocks were produced by almost all Western European countries and Japan in the 17 -18th Centuries. Initially with foliot and balance wheel …

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Posted in - Movement restoration
on January 2nd 2014

Domestic clocks first started to appear in the early 1600’s and hence it is possible for a clock-maker/restorer of today, to be asked to service and repair clocks up to 400 years old! Naturally it requires knowledge of the methods and materials used through out the centuries to ensure that any work done on a …

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Posted in - Dial restoration
on January 2nd 2014

The dial is the focal point of the clock and it obviously has to be readable at a distance for the clock to perform its duty, ie. display the hour of the day.

Dials can be engraved metal, printed on metal, plastic or paper, have applied numerals, painted on wood or metal , fired in porcelain, …

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Posted in - Case restoration
on January 2nd 2014

Many old clock cases are in need of structural refurbishment due to the failure of old adhesives, woodworm, abuse and accidental damage. Also the exterior finish of the case becomes dull, dirty and often over-lacquered or painted.

The refurbishment of such clocks is done with regard for the age, original finish and …

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Posted in - Metal polishing
on January 2nd 2014

Brass and silver cased clocks, in particular, are subject to oxidation and tarnishing due to reaction with the air, pollution and moisture therein. Most cases were originally lacquered to prevent the deterioration however in many cases this lacquer breaks down with time or is polished away.

These cases may be returned to their original glory by …

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Posted in - Case restoration
on January 2nd 2014

Junghans swinger mystery clocks are regularly found with the figurine’s arm damaged or broken . These figurines are “lost wax”castings and so are hollow and quite fragile at certain places of the figurine. Typically the breakage occurs on the arm of the human figurines and on the support component of the animal figurines, ie. the …

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Posted in - Case making
on January 2nd 2014

It is not uncommon for a clock mechanism to be separated from its original case. Wooden cases deteriorate due to moisture, heat, glue failure, abuse and accident. Metal cases rust, oxidize, break or fall apart due to joint failure. Stone cases fall apart due to adhesive failure and accident.

As a result of these situations many …

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Posted in - Electric clock
on January 2nd 2014

The use of small batteries in clocks began in the mid 1800’s and continued as interest in electrical appliances grew through to the 20th century. Early dry cell batteries ( Leclanche cells ) were small glass containers then progressed to the more familiar zinc cased cell all of which were prone to leak and cause …

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About Me

Antique clock repair and restoration has been an interest and occupation for over 50 years, first as a hobby then as a small retirement business. I work alone and perform every stage and process required for the complete restoration of a precious clock. As a past member, and President, of the Sydney chapter of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, I am familiar with all types of antique clocks having travelled the world extensively to auctions, conventions, displays, museums and private collections. I restore clocks for several of the best retail antique shops in Sydney and carry out work for individuals with a clock or a collection. I am passionate about the clocks hence all restorations are in sympathy with the age and quality of the clock, with attention to every detail including the owners desires and expectations.

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