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Many old clock cases are in need of structural refurbishment due to the failure of old adhesives, woodworm, abuse and accidental damage. Also the exterior finish of the case becomes dull, dirty and often over-lacquered or painted.

The refurbishment of such clocks is done with regard for the age, original finish and the patina developed over the years.

When the refurbishment is complete the case retains all the appearance of the original but is structurally sound, clean and displaying its age through the retained colour and patina.

1. Austrian bracket clock, c.1720 by Andreas Wachter of Schwechat.

Europe 2010 1387    IHC bracket clock 005

2. English bracket clock, c.1760 by Wilkins of Islington, London.

Islington 1    DSCF9334

3. Ithaca calendar clock case.

Ithaca before-after.

4. English long-case clock case restoration.

Case under repair and stabilization.

Longcase restoration

Case repaired, new plinth fitted, new veneered applied to plinth then all stained to match.

               Before                                         After.Rebuilt and stained


4. Swiss music box, c.1850

Bailey Musicbox 003     Bailey Musicbox 046